Fortresses above Perast and Risan
During a visit to the fortresses above Perast and Risan, you must inevitably record the beauty of the Bay of Kotor with a camera. Discover the original photos from that time and to whom “the bride of the Adriatic” was an inspiration.
Grkavac Pass
Here you will find out why Grkavac became an invincible point, surrounded by fortresses. The task awaits you – to find the place where the barracks used to be.
A place that will take your breath away with the beauty of the view. Here, a tourist board tells the story about the demanding construction of roads and cable cars in the mountain massif above Risan.
Fortress Šanik
It is located at the top of the mountain rim, near the former border with the Kingdom of Montenegro. At the foot, you will find out what the organization of life in the fortress was like, and then head along a path to the very top, where a task awaits you – to find a heraldic sign in the stone.
Fortress Vranovo Hill
Here you will find the story of the fortress and the view of the Bay of Kotor, which awakens sublime feelings in everyone.
Information for tourists
If you are looking for a tourist guide to visit the trails and other recommended sights, or you are interested in gastronomy and accommodation, contact local tourism organization Trebinje, Museum of Herzegovina or Herzeg house.
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Herceg Novi
Jova Dabovića 12, 85340, Herceg Novi, Crna Gora
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