Grkavac Pass
Defensive zone of Krivošije
Fortresses of the second and third defense line

Tactical mission task 
Defense of routes: 
Risan-Grkavac-Dragalj and Risan-Crkvice 
Communication control toward Boka
Concentration of the army for larger military activities in Krivošije region

Construction period
At the end of 19th century
You are located in Grkavac, one of the most important and most sensitive points of Krivošije defense zone. The crossroad of vital communications proved to be a weak point during the First Krivošije Uprising in 1869, when the Austro-Hungarian army was defeated by incoparably weaker insurgents from Krivošije. The importance of this pass is also evidenced by the fact that in the period after the Uprising, until the end of the 19th century, as many as 12 fortresses were built around it. 

⃰Find out more about the Uprisings on the third thematic trail Crkvice – a forgotten military town
The task of the artillery from the fortresses was to cover a wide range of territory and create an impenetrable shield, as shown by the illustration of the artillery fire plan of this zone.  
Artillery fire plan²
Inside the ring of fortresses, military camps were stationed: Grkavac, at this position and Ledenice, on the south. Almost 2 000 soldiers were situated within these camps. You could imagine how they worked when you visit the third thematic trail in Crkvice.
Military camp Grkavac¹
Military camp Ledenice¹
Not far away from here, a neglected military road leads you to the fortresses Unter and Ober, which offer a beautiful view of Boka.
If you are in the mood for a short orienteering game, here is the task: use these photos¹ to find the place where the barracks on Grkavac used to be. You will know that you have successfully completed the task  when you find the sign X. After that, it is time to move on, a day full of impressions and adventures awaits you! 
  • Defensive barrack Grkavac
  • Defensive barrack Grkavac
  • Barracks on Grkavac
Suggestion to drivers! 
Follow the signalization of the trematic trail which leads you to the fortresses, the guardians of Risan and Perast. At the crossroad in the village of Donje Ledenice, near the monument, you will see a sign toward the village of Ubalac. When the asphalt road is replaced by macadam, driving becomes suitable only for off-road vehicles. Hiking is definitely a better choice! The next place where our story continues and which offers an unforgettable view of Boka is the Viewpoint. Just go straight, new adventures are ahead of you!
¹ Source: Radojica Pavićević
² Source: Volker Pachauer
³ Source: Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
4 Source: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung

Important Note: Explore the fortresses and use the trails at your own risk.
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