Fortresses and peaks of Krivošije
Five thematic trails
… lead
to nature
full of smells of
Mediterranean, magnificent
mountain and sea views and discover
interesting and forgotten pages of history
We invite you to the adventure of visiting the Austro-Hungarian fortresses, the remnants of the defense system of the southern border of the empire. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, this was one of the strongest and largest defense systems in Europe. It amazes many connoisseurs with its brilliant strategic and tactical set-up, which reveals itself to you in five thematic trails. 
  • 1. Čuvari planinskih prevoja
  • 2. Crkvice, zaboravljeni vojni grad
  • 3. Pet moćnih tvrđava
  • 4. Kamena straža oko Trebinja
  • 5 . Dodatna fotografija
  • 6. Dodatna fotografija
Thematic trail 1 goes across the first and second line of the northern Krivošije defense zone, along the former border with the Kingdom of Montenegro. The Boka belt fortress, a system of protection of the military port from the sea and the land, also had the eastern Lovćen and two coastal defense lines. 
The main purpose of fortresses Kom and Stražnik was to guard important military routes and Crkvice military camp. Visit these two fortresses first and after seeing Crkvice from above, explore thematic trail 3.   

Fortresses and peaks of Krivošije
Armored fortress Dvrsnik
The story about a modern fortress and a worker from Krivošije who participated in its construction.
Fortress Kom
An interesting story about the fortress and the transfer of information in the Boka system.
Fortress Stražnik
From the most beautiful small fortress, the view will reach towards Herzegovina.
Mysterious cubes
The place that hides a riddle that you need to solve.
Fortresses of Janko’s peak
The story of how, according to the customs of tribesmen from Krivošije, Emperor Francis Joseph I was welcomed in Dragalj.
On thematic trail “Fortresses and peaks of Krivošije“, you will discover the magic of the world of abandoned fortifications and interesting stories about the last generation of European fortresses 

FORT-NET project has linked the heritage of Austro-Hungarian and medieval fortresses into a new tourist product, with the aim of valorizing the natural and cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The joint tourist offer has been developed according to the modern model of thematic trails, which has improved the quality and diversity of the overall tourist offer in the target area. The project was implemented by: the City of Ljubuški in partnership with the Development Agency ŽZH-HERAG from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives – CSTI Montenegro and National Tourism Organization of Montenegro in the period from 2019 to 2021.

Important Note: Explore the fortresses and use the trails at your own risk.
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Improving the quality and diversity of the tourist offer based on natural and cultural heritage in the border rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
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