fortress STRAŽNIK
Defensive zone of Krivošije

Defensive line:
Group of fortresses Crkvice - Grkavac

Tactical mission tasks:
Protection of Krivošije
Control of line from Velji vrh to Janko's peak
Protection of Crkvice

Construction period 

3 officers
59 non-commissioned officers and soldiers

Cannon 90 mm M-04, 2 pieces
Infantry and machine gun weapons
Stražnik, one of the most beautiful small fortresses, is a remarkable example of fortification architecture harmoniously blended into the landscape. You could see this approaching by serpentines, carved into the layered, limestone rock, after which this fortress got its name. The compact, hexagonal building once had a gray-brown facade. With weapons and metal parts (doors, windows), it gave a completely different impression from the current one.  An interesting detail! Stražnik is the only fortress in the Boka defense system that was obtaining natural light through the windows and through the central opening, covered with glass (as it can be seen in the photo). 

A skylight on the roof platform of fortress Stražnik¹
The daily life of the army took place in the barracks, on the first two levels of the fortress. There was a combat part on the roof platform – cannons and observation posts from where the crew monitored the military roads and guarded the Crkvice camp. The place where you stand right now provides a beautiful panoramic view of Herzegovina, Orjen, Grahovo plain as well as Lovćen. 

Roof platform on fortress Stražnik¹
Most mountain fortresses in Boka and Herzegovina, such as Stražnik, were built of precisely carved stone. It is interesting that the deviations in the size of the stone blocks were up to 5 mm. In the stonemason’s workshops, local and master craftsmen from Dalmatia worked together. 

Detail from fortress Šanik, second thematic route „Guardians of mountain passes“
Guardians of mountain passes
The Austro-Hungarian Ministry of the Army had a special administration – the Central Commission for fortification in which thebest experts from key areas for building defense systems worked. Engineers and designers of the fortresses also found inspiration in the design of famous artists, military architects from the beginning  of the 16th century.
  • Fortress Mamula  on Lastavica island²
  • A scatch of Albrecht Dürer  
  • A scatch of Leonardo da Vinci
We find fortresses similar to these in Boka in almost all European countries.
Fortress from the Maginot line
¹ Source: Radojica Pavićević
² Source: Volker Pachauer
³ Source: Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
4 Source: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung

Important Note: Explore the fortresses and use the trails at your own risk.
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