Shooting Range
There was a shooting range at this site, where military formations of camps and fortresses of Krivošije performed exercises. Regular-shaped platforms, built of stone blocks and spaced evenly apart were part of the shooting range. Krivošije residents say that their military name is “cubes” and that they were used to line up soldiers who, standing or lying on them, practiced shooting at targets. Proper distance between each “cube” allowed the soldiers to monitor the effect of the exercise and the progress in the accuracy of shooting.  If you noticed the stone remains of the objects next to the trail, it was a warehouse with auxiliary rooms where soldiers in charge of the shooting range were accommodated.  

A black metal circle can be found at the place where targets were once set.
¹ Source: Radojica Pavićević
² Source: Volker Pachauer
³ Source: Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
4 Source: Österreichische Gesellschaft für Festungsforschung

Important Note: Explore the fortresses and use the trails at your own risk.
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