Old town Drijeva


The old town of Drijevo is located in the navigable part of the lower Neretva, along an important road that connects the coast with the hilly continental hinterland. The area of today's Gabela in the late Middle Ages, due to its position, has significant trade capacities. In historical sources it appears under the name Drijeva, portus Narenti, and after the arrival of the Ottomans in 1465, it changed its name to Gabela. Throughout history, different nationalities and authorities, such as the Republic of Dubrovnik, Serbian rulers, Venetians or Ottomans, have clashed over the administration of this position.

Thanks to its natural and strategic position, river communication and proximity to the sea, Gabela becomes an important defensive stronghold in the lower Neretva. The town of Gabel, with a series of fortifications along the border of Ottoman-Venetian possessions, has long been a barrier to attacks by the Venetians and the insurgent population from the south. In the period from 1694 to 1715, the Venetians occupied Gabela, partially rebuilding it and consolidating a part of the existing fortifications. At the end of 1715, before their retreat, and for fear that Gabella would be conquered again by the Ottomans, the Venetians destroyed a considerable part of the fortifications and towers in its immediate vicinity. After the peace in Požarevac in 1718, Gabela lost the economic and defensive significance that it had several centuries earlier.

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